There has been a murder recently on the rainy, cobble stone streets of London. As a sly young detective with a confidential informant you should have the upper hand in cracking the case. One problem, your informant seems to have been seen by the murderer and in hiding. 
Luckily for you he has managed to sneak into your office and plant clues to help you solve the mystery. He is fearful, as he knows the victim was a close friend to the murderer, so he would not think twice before ending the life of a snitch. 
You must follow the trail that he has left you in order to solve the murder, escape your office, and save your friend in 60 minutes or less.

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The recent discovery of a pyramid, presumably the resting place of a long-forgotten Pharaoh, has set the world's imagination afire. Rumours of treasure and unimaginable wealth have been circulating in the media. Whether these rumours are true or not, you have always been fascinated by ancient Egypt, so you assembled a team of leading archaeologists to join you on your mission to reach the inner tomb and discover the identity of this mysterious Egyptian king.

Many teams have ventured into the pyramid before, but none have escaped. The mysterious disappearance of these explorers has led many to believe the Pharaoh had his burial chamber cursed.

You must discover the inner tomb, identify the Pharaoh, and escape within 60 minutes, or else you too may fall victim to the Pharaoh's curse!

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You have always dreamt of owning your own theater; however, something has always brought that dream to reality: L&P Theater and their famous popcorn. They have a secret recipe, and you know an angry custodian who is willing to leave his job with a bang. You've convinced him to leave the back door propped open for you. Follow the custodian's clues, find the secret recipe, and escape before security makes their sweep

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